21st Century The Dawn Of The Era Of Divine Descent On Earth

Author: Pt Shriram sharma acharya

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The past three centuries have been witness to miraculous discoveries in material sciences and application thereof in improving the physical quality of life. Unfortunately, because of their improper applications, many of these scientific achievements have proved to be disastrous for humanity, Consequently, modem man finds himself living in much more distressful and stress-phone environment than his less affluent ancestors. Universal problems like environmental pollution, increasing radioactivity, global warming, nuclear and chemical proliferation of armaments are creating an environment in which the very existence of human race is at stake. Who would then appreciate science and technology which lead to the melting of polar Icelands, disastrous upheavals in the oceans of the world, return of the ice-ages and destruction of this beautiful planet by the ultraviolet radiations penetrating through the holes in the ozone layers protecting the earth? It is too enormous a price to pay for the life debasing comforts and capabilities provided by the advancement in science and technology?

Is not it the devilish misuse of scientific advancement and scores of local and regional conflicts which has resulted in two world wars causing enormous loss of life and resources in this very century? Man is today mercilessly exploiting the mineral resources of the earth. He is per-paring for star-wars which would obliterate all life on the earth.

Table of content

• The Dawn of the Era of Divine Descent on Earth

• The Mirage of Progress

• The Need of the Hour

• Initiation of the Experiment and Future Plans

• The Perennial Source of Steadfast Aspiration and Motivation

• Grooming Architect of Society

• Integration of Science and Spirituality

• Door to Door Enilghtenment Through Dipa Yagyas

• What is Dipa Yagya?

• Dawn of The New Millennium

• The Future Scenario-Prophecies

• Shantikunj-The Craddle of Human Society in the Third Millennium

• Shantikunj - The Fount of Integrative Spirituality

• Tuning into The Waves of Spiritual Transmissions at Our Own Home

• The Life-Transforming Spiritual Power of Gayatri – An Example

• The Facilities of Training at Shantikunj

• Harnessing Women Power- A Revolution of The New Millennium

• The Main Theme of Ideological Revolution-Changing Attitudes of the Masses

• Inspired and Dedicated Volunteers Required for Establishing the New World Order

• The Divine Itself is the Invisible Puppeteer

Author Pt Shriram sharma acharya
Edition 2009
Publication Yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 48
Dimensions 120X180X1 mm
  • 03:45:AM
  • 28 Jul 2021

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