Old And New Herbal Remedies

Author: Dr. Pranav Pandya

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Yoga and Herbal Therapy have become subject matters of common curiosity and pursuit for those caring for sustenance of good health by inexpensive and natural means and also for those who have suffered side-effects of antibiotics or in general, the lacunae of modern science of medicine. While a lot of training courses and dedicated schools on yoga are helping people across the globe, the scientific testing and implementation of herbal therapies are still confined to research labs and few pharmaceutical companies. Ayurveda is known to be the origin of herbal therapeutic science. Most importantly, the fact that its prescription is risk-free and does not generate any negative or suppressive effects on other kinds of medicaments or modes of treatments that might be used simultaneously makes it an excellent complementary mode of healing.

More and more people are getting interested these days in knowing about easy but effective modes of herbal remedies these days. Our major objective in presenting this new book on herbal remedies is to provide useful, authentic and innovative information in this direction. The main focus is laid on the use of Himalayan herbal medicines based on first of its land research carried out at the Brahmvarchas Research Center, Shantikunj, Hardwar (India). Thousands of people have been benefited from this therapy and got rid of diseases of different types and severity. Rare knowledge from the scriptures will be presented here.

Table of content

1. Herbal Remedies: Need & Scope
2. Ayurveda: Oldest Repository of
3. Herbal Decoctions:
4. Decoctions to Cure Common Health Problems
5. Herbal Cure of Diabetes & Related Disorders
6. Remedial Tips Against Dental & Oral Diseases
7. Treatment and Preventive Care of the Eyes
8. Herbal Help to Get Rid of Obesity
9. Innovative Experiments: Promising Start
10. References

Author Dr. Pranav Pandya
Edition 2011
Publication Yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 80
Dimensions 139X217X16 mm
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  • 28 Jul 2021

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