Change Of Thoughts Change Of Era

Author: pt Shriram sharma acharya

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Apparently, what a man seems doing, what the society appears as a whole is only the reflection of contemporary ideologies embedded in that. Beliefs and recognitions originate in the inner self in the shape of motivation, desire and all the activities are their repercussion. Everything a man seems doing is simply the outcome of those beliefs deeply seated in his conscience. The different life styles and activities among different persons and societies, is the result of diversity embedded in their beliefs. Virtues and values, that one is adhered to, control every persons activities.

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1. Change Of Thoughts Change Of Era
Author pt Shriram sharma acharya
Publication Yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 32
Dimensions 90X120X1 mm
  • 03:16:AM
  • 28 Jul 2021

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