Eternity Of Sound Science Of Mantra

Author: Pandit Shriram Sharma

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The knowledge of Sabda Brahm — Nada Brahm., is an important branch of the Indian school of spirituality. The science and philosophy of Sabda Brahm encompasses the methodology and effects of mantra-japa, prayers, collective chanting and sadhanas of the veda-mantras and that of the Nada Brahm deals with the genesis, expansion and influence of music. The volume 19 of the "Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Vangmaya" series presents truly rare and detailed information and guidance on this topic. The present book is compiled from the English translation of the first two chapters of this volume that focus on the cosmic dimensions of sound and the science of mantras.

Linguistically, the word mantra in Sanskrit implies a specific structure of sonic patterns — coded in syllables and vowels, that works as an spiritual tool to liberate the mind from ignorance, illusion and evil instincts. The specific configurations of syllables and the corresponding combinations of phonemes in the mantras make the latter powerful "carriers" of the cosmic energy of sound. The book presents a perspicuous introduction with analysis of multiple aspects of the physical and subliminal impact of sound and the structure of mantras. It also highlights authentic reports on scientific experiments in this direction.

Different methods of rhythmic enunciation (japa) and spiritual practices (sadhanas) of vedic mantras are described here with adept guidance. The author, Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya also focuses on mantra yoga as an effective endeavor to master the generation and utilization, without any external means or instruments, of the immense powers of sound for specific noble purposes. Although the vedic mantras could be well expressed vocally as prose or verse, the method of singing them in specific rhythms as hymns was given principal importance by the risis. Hence the unique spectrum of vedic swaras and the gamut of chanting patterns for mantras were evolved and encoded in the Sama Veda.

Table of content

• Omnipotent Role of Sound in the Universe

• Astonishing Power of Shabda

• Constructive Applications of Sound in the Modern Age

• Misuse of Sonic Energy – Risks in the Present Times

• Infrasonic Communications: Misdeeds of Today

• Guidelines from the Ancient Science of Shabda

• Impact of Shabda on Mind and Intrinsic Character

• Elements of the Science of Vowels

• Relation of Vocal Sound with the Panca Tatvas

• The Shabda Yoga

• Energies of Shabda in the Living Laboratory of Human Body

• The Suprasonic Power Hidden in Mantras

• Immense Power of Shabda Used in the Sadhanas of Mantras

• Structure and Implications of Mantras

• Mantra Yoga: Effects on Gross Body

• Sound Therapy: Ancient Knowledge

• The Phonetics of Collective Chanting Described in the Vedas

• Difficulties in the Rhythmic Enunciation of Vaidika Hymns

• The Secret of the Power of Mantras

• The Gravity of Japa

• Linguistic Meaning and Types of Japa

• Practices and Effects Associated with Japa

• Experiments on Mantras : Interaction of Sound

• Power of Mantras: The Divine Source

• Cosmic Cycles of the Vibrations of Mantra

• Power of Shabda Aroused by the Gayatri Mantra

• Psychological Basis of the Effects of Japa

• Acoustics and Mantra Vigyan of Vedic Mantras

• Integration of the Sciences of Mantra and Yantra

• Hidden Roots of Mantra Sadhana and Its Success

• The Key to Cognition of Mantra Vidya

• Scientific Roots of the Divine Impact of Mantra Sadhana

• Footnotes Cited in the Text

• Glossary of terms from Shastric Literature
Author Pandit Shriram Sharma
Edition 2012
Publication Yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 224
  • 02:40:AM
  • 28 Jul 2021

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savyasanchi ghose


A wonderful book, i have ever seen. this book itself full of amaze, science and will help to answer most of the question with it, raises many interesting question for future reasearch

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