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Entertainment is essential in todays life as a means of stress-absorption and mental-rejuvenation. Each one of has different likings and preferences for modes of recreation and amusement. But have we found the best way that ensures fulfilling joy and creative diversion in all circumstances and moods? The book lucidly analyzes the psychology behind entertainment and presents feasible guidelines of attaining the desired cheerful effects with additional benefits of efficient management of life.

Table of content

1.Everywhere Entertainment!
Diversity of Entertainment
Natures Panorama
Why We Dont See It?
2.Art of Entertainment
Need & Purpose of Entertainment
Choice of Entertainment
Spirit of Entertainment in Daily Chores
3.Pulse of Joy in Amusement!
Experiencing Entertainment
Shades of Outlook
Be Sporting
4.Review Your Lifestyle
Evolving State of The Living System
Body Vs Mind
Keep Off from the Web of Negativity
Wake Up!
5.Stress Management by Self-Entertainment
Stress Was There in the Earlier Times Too!
Why Stress is a Hazard Today?
Creative Entertainment & Stress-Relief
An Easy Exercise
6.Affordable Means of Quality- Entertainment
Boons of Friendship
Music — A Universal Entertainment
Natures Arrangement
7.Struggle Is An Elite Amusement!
Struggle is Natures Requirement
Struggle for Survival and Ascent
Different Standards of Mind, Struggle & Entertainment
Tips for Commoners
8.Curiosity & Novelty Within
Precious Human Body
Majestic Power of The Mind
9.My Request & Assurance to My Own People

Author Brahmavarchas
Edition 2011
Publication Shri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust
ISBN 8182550300
Publisher Shri Vedmata Gayatri Trust
Page Length 64
Dimensions 215mmX140mmX5mm
  • 08:03:PM
  • 19 Jan 2022

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