Author: Dr.Pranav Pandya and Jyotirmay

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On the Ram navami day of Samvat 2040 (April 10, 1984), Gurudev (Pandit Sriram Sharma, Acharya) went into complete seclusion. He stopped meeting people. The inspiring physical contact that the Sadhaks and Karyakarta (volunteers) were privileged to have with him till then was abruptly broken. All of us were completely benumbed by this unexpected decision. Till then he had been undertaking extensive tours in connection with the Pran — Pratishtha Samaroh (ceremony of consecration of idols) in Shakti peethas (temples of Mother Gayatri) established in different parts of India. Suddenly, this "seclusion" and silence! What will happen next? The Teacher, under whose direct guidance we had been doing "Sadhana" of The Advent of Divinity in Mankind" and "The Descent of Heaven on Earth" , till then, was denying at the heavenly joy of his physical proximity. How would we get his guidance? What would we do without his physical proximity? However this uncertainty did not last long, but for whatever time it was there it was really a terrifying experience. Our agony was deep because at that time he didnt disclose any reason for his withdrawal into complete solitude.

Table of content

• Prologue

• Thou dispenser of India s destiny

• From Yamuna to Ganga

• Satyam param dhimahi

• Savour the holy land of the lord

• Buds started shooting

• I surrender myself to you Gurudev

• On the path of sadhana - Aradhana

• Call from the himalayas

• Pilgrimage to the holy land of Deeksha

• Oblations in the Indeendence - Yagya

• Blessing and assurance

• On the path of parikrama

• Pilgrimege to Shantiniketan

• In the ashram of Maharshi Ramana

• The endeavor of purification

• The round of preparations

• Another pilgrimage to the South

• Revelation of a new vision

• Akhand Jyoti begins its journey

• Soulmate and collaborator in life s mission

• Future calling

Author Dr.Pranav Pandya and Jyotirmay
Edition 2009
Publication Shri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust
ISBN 8182550386
Publisher Shri Vedmata Gayatri Trust
Page Length 480
Dimensions 221mmX145mmX28mm
  • 10:57:PM
  • 24 Sep 2021

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