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Association of man and woman has a very natural, important and useful purpose. This association has been going on from the creation of universe and shall go on till the end. In the normal course, this is willingly accepted by almost all adult men and women through the institution of marriage. However, in the recent past many distortions have gradually crept into the married life. As a result men and women do not find the desired satisfaction in each others company in marriage now. Due to these distortions and dissatisfaction, people begin to find fault with the institution of marriage and often treat it as a burden or tend to violate its norm or break it. Many prefer keeping off from it because of fear of responsibilities or because of deluded religious conceptions.Since the medieval times of cultural and social devolution a new line of thought began to be expressed everywhere by incompetent, self-centered and self-styled religious leaders. It was proclaimed that getting into the married life is a sign of weakness and inferiority, that households are doorways to hell, and that to don religious garbs renouncing all responsibilities of household is a road to heaven. This thought process began to be accepted everywhere in our country and as a result we see more than eight and half million men in religious garb moving around aimlessly.

This thought process is totally wrong. Assuredly, same spiritualprogress can be attained while being in household or in sannyas. Married life is a very natural, simple and yet a perfect form of yoga. If all the regulations of married life are properly understood and dutifully followed, one can attain a very elevated spiritual state and earn ones right to heaven and enlightenment. This book expounds upon this very important concept. It is hoped that this book will be helpful in creating happiness, contentment and fulfillment in the married lives of the readers.

Table of content

1. Importance of Family Life
2. Need to Change the Attitude
3. Asceticism in Household
4. Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Grahastha Yoga . . .
a.Real Meaning of Abstinence
b.Spiritual Development in Grahastha Ashrama
c.Some Prevalent Misconceptions
d.The Glory of Women Some Mantras of Grahastha Yoga
Mantra 1: Fundamental Tenets of Grahastha Yoga Mantra
2: The Oath of Firmness
Mantra 3: The Oath to Fight All Shortcomings and Faults .….
5. Peace and Happiness in Family
a.Importance of Self-Sacrifice The Greatest Act of Service Happiness in Limited Means of Income
b.The First Requirement for Happiness: Good Health
c.The Second Requirement: Good Education
d.The Third Requirement: Healthy Entertainment
e.The Fourth Requirement: Opportunity to Grow
6. Some Guidelines for the Entire Family Avoid Misunderstandings
a.Self-Governance in Families
b.Suggestions for Women in Family: Understanding Among Family Members
Strives in Joint Families
Importance of Rightful Earning
Author Pandit Shriram Sharma Aacharya
Edition 2011
Publication Shri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust
ISBN 8182550327
Publisher Shri Vedmata Gayatri Trust
Page Length 48
Dimensions 215mmX138mmX4mm
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  • 19 Jan 2022

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