Author: Pandit Shriram Sharma Aacharya

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The effect of sincere and steadfast Gayatri Sadhana is swift and miraculous in purifying, harmonizing and steadying the mind and thus establishing unshakable inner peace and a sense of joy-filled calm even in the face of grave trials and tribulations in the outer life of the Sadhak.

A comprehensive treatise on the super-science of Gayatri was written by Acharyashri in Hindi and was published in three volumes (now available in one single volume). An English translation of important chapters of these books was published under the title " The Great Science and Philosophy of Gayatri" The present volume - " Super Science of Gayatri" is a thoroughly revised, edited and expanded version of the former book with appropriate additions and corrections. The earlier edition " The Great Science and Philosophy of Gayatrr contained some errors and omissions as also de¬fects as regards printing and get-up. This book "The Super-Science of Gayatri" contains all which is worth knowing about Gayatri Mantra, Gayatri Sadhana and Gayatri. Yagya and it is hoped that by logically establishing co-relationship of sci¬ence with spirituality in the modem age, it will provide to the aspirant readers unambiguous guidelines, deep inspiration and firm faith in Gayatri Sadhana and fulfill the true purpose of human life.

Table of content

1 The Origin of Vedmata Gayatri
2 Activation of Internal Power Centres by Gayatri Sadhana
3 Gayatri is Kamdhenu
4 Attainment of Divine Wisdom through Gayatri Sadhana
5 The Glory of Gayatri
6 Paeans of Praise of Gayatri
7 Spiritual Attainments of Gayatri Sadhaks
8 Gayatri Sadhana as Eulogised in the Ancient Scriptures
9 Womens Right to do Gayatri Sadhana
10 Yagyopaveet and Gayatri
11 The Meaning of Gayatri Mantra
12 Gayatri Dhyan (Meditation)
13 Pragya Yog Sadhana
14 Essential Elements of Gayatri Sadhana
15 Gayatri Anusthan
16 Special Sadhanas for Women
17 Gayatri Sadhana for Housewives
18 Gayatri Geeta
19 Gayatri Upanishad
20 Awakening of Kundalini by Gayatri Sadhana
21 Vedhan (Piercing) of Shat Chakras
22 Signs of Success in Sadhana
23 Siddhis (Divine Powers) should Never be misused
24 Vammargi Tantrik Sadhana
25 Gayatri Tantra
26 Clarification of Controversies and Doubts in respect of Gayatri Sadhana
27 Gayatri and Yagya
28 Distribute this Divine Prasad (Grace) to Others
29 Foundation of New Era

Author Pandit Shriram Sharma Aacharya
Edition 2014
Publication Yug Nirman Yogana, Mathura
Publisher Yug Nirman Yogana, Mathura
Page Length 240
Dimensions 180mmX121mmX11mm
  • 07:21:PM
  • 19 Jan 2022

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