How To Obtain Maximum Marks

Author: Pt. Shriram sharma acharya

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This book will help you to obtain maximum marks and success in the school education and competitive examination only by spending 20 minutes per day over the magical formulae, provided in this book. You will definitely gain success. Spending 20 minutes for this purpose will not be wasteful.
A woodcutter, cut 10 quintals of wood on the first day, 8 quintals on the second day and 6 quintals on third. On enquiry by his master he replied that he devoted the same amount of time chopping the wood. His master then saw his axe and asked him whether he sharpened it every day. To this he replied that he did not waste time for such a purpose. His master said that this is the reason that he was unable to cut the same quantity of wood. He advised him to spend 15-20 minutes to sharpen his axe.
Similarly, a student spend 20 minutes to sharpen his mind. This is not a waste of time. Our sincere wishes to all those who are going ahead to read this book.

Table of content

1. Scientific method for talent refinement
2. Similar thoughts attracts each other
3. Greater the resolution greater the achievements
4. Positive approach helps to prosper
5. Thought power results in miracles
6. Steps to achieve your goal
7. Miracles of happy life style
8. How to score maximum marks in examination
9. Obstacles faced during studies
10. Concentration is essential while studying
11. Exercise and health
12. Why is celibacy necessary
13. Nourish your intellect through ganesh yoga
14. Evaluate yourself

Author Pt. Shriram sharma acharya
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojma Trust, Mathura
Page Length 48
Dimensions 18 X 12 cm
  • 09:28:AM
  • 28 Jul 2021

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